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The Early Years

Easter 1958

12 pupils of Alleynes Grammar School Stevenage visit Ingelheim at the invitation of the Sebastian- Münster Gymnasium

Easter 1959

Pupils of the Sebastian Münster Gymnasium make a return visit to Stevenage (with a small civic delegation, hosted by Stevenage Urban District Council).

August 1959

Delegation from Stevenage Urban District Council and Stevenage Development Corporation visit Ingelheim at the invitation of the Ingelheim Town Council, which propose that an official link be established between the two Councils.

September 1959

At a meeting of Stevenage Urban District Council, the proposal to form an official Link with Ingelheim is rejected.

December 1959

As a result of the council decision, a meeting of representatives of various Stevenage organisations is held and a Stevenage-Ingelheim Committee is formed.


Under the auspice of the Stevenage-Ingelheim Committee, exchanges of citizens of the two towns take place.

May 1962

Stevenage organisations make a major contribution to British Fortnight in Ingelheim.

Summer 1962

Following the British Fortnight in Ingelheim the Stevenage-Ingelheim Committee call a well attended public meeting at the Town Hall. A Stevenage-Ingelheim Association is formed and a motion calling on Stevenage Urban District Council in the name of the people of Stevenage to enter into an official link with Ingelheim is passed unanimously.


Stevenage Urban District Council accepts the Association’s call and an official link is signed in Ingelheim.

Autun Link


The link with Autun was first promoted between the Rotary Club of Stevenage and Autun.


The three-way link between the councils of Stevenage, Ingelheim and Autun was formalised at a ceremony in Ingelheim. So The Stevenage-Ingelheim Association became The Stevenage-Ingelheim-Autun Association.   

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