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Ingelheim is situated on the River Rhine in Rhineland-Pfalz between the City of Mainz and the town of Bingen. It was formed in 1939 by the joining together  Ober-Ingelheim, Neider-Ingelheim, Sporkenheim and Frei-Weinheim then in 1972 it was extended to its present shape with the addition of Gross-Winternhiem.

The fertile soil of the Rhine lowlands supports a thriving agriculture industry with crops of asparagus, cherries and other fruits which are sold through the local co-operative fruit and vegetable markets. On the hillsides around the town the grape vines produce a selection of wines which, with the red wines, including, notably the "Ober-Ingelheimer-Spätburgunder", has earned Ingelheim the title of Rotwein Stadt-Red Wine City!

As well as the winegrowing and agriculture there are crafts, trade and industry which provide a sound financial position for the town. The two largest local firms being CH Boehringer Sohn, manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and Maehler & Kaege who produce electronic specialities.

In Roman Times due to its location Neider-Ingelheim was the site of an Imperial Palace with connections to Charlemagne and in recent years archaeological excavations have revealed a varied and interesting history. Later Ober-Ingelheim was developing and a Fortified Church - the Burgkirche with double defence walls built, This has recently been refurbished and is in use today. In both areas there are old town areas with interesting little streets and buildings.

As a modern town with old and new buildings there is much to see and do in Ingelheim but a special attraction is the "Rotweinfest" - Red Wine Festival. From the last weekend in September until the first weekend in October there nine days of celebration on the historic grounds of the Burgkirche. After the opening address by the Red Wine Queen the Ingelheim wine-growers present samples of their best wines.


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