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About the Association

The Association is governed by a constitution which was revised and approved in April 2007. Its aims are:- 

  • To promote friendship and understanding between the towns of Stevenage, Ingelheim and Autun.

Within these aims the objectives shall be: - 

  • To promote awareness and understanding of the cultural, political, spiritual and economic issues which face the three towns through contact between groups and individuals in a spirit of friendship.

  • To provide a framework through which practical assistance can be offered to serve the needs which have been mutually identified and agreed by the three towns.


  • Any person who resides, works or studies within the town - and this includes members of their families residing with them - can become a member. Also, those who are otherwise closely connected with Stevenage and who wish to be associated with the aims and objectives of the Association are eligible for membership.

  • Any business or organisation serving the town of Stevenage may apply for Corporate Membership. Such Corporate Membership is for one year, but can be renewed with the agreement of the Executive Committee.


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