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3 towns - 1 vision

3 towns - 1 vision’ is the name given to an exciting project designed to bring together and actively involve the young people of Stevenage, with those from Ingelheim in Germany and Autun in France, under its Town Twinning arrangement.

The ‘3 towns - 1 vision’ project was initiated by The Stevenage-Ingelheim-Autun Association in November 2004, when a small working group was formed.  This group comprised professional adults who have considerable experience in project and financial management, logistics and the care of young people.

The objectives of the project are to:

Extend links and exchanges between the youth of Stevenage, Ingelheim and Autun through joint meetings promoting understanding and awareness of each others' culture and way of life.

Encourage European citizenship through a structured programme of events designed to promote friendship and European awareness.

Develop the exchange of experience relating to local environmental, language and social identities.

The event is sponsored jointly by the three Town Twinning Associations supported by local fund-raising but a nominal contribution from each person is required. However, in the case of a deserving candidate whose family is unable to make that contribution, alternative funding might be available.

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An opportunity in 2018 for young people aged 15 to 19 years

3 towns - 1 vision

This project brings together up to fifteen young people, with two leaders, from each of the three towns of Stevenage, Ingelheim in Germany and Autun in France.  It consists of five days of activities based in the Ingelheim in Germany.

Its objectives are to promote understanding and awareness of each others culture and way of life whilst encouraging friendship and links through a programme of interesting, informative and fun activities.

Anyone interested should contact us by email:


3 Towns - 1 Vision 2016

Visit to Autun 23rd - 28th July 2016

Seven young people and two leaders met at Stevenage Railway Station to travel by train to Autun to take part in the 3 towns - 1 vision 2016. They stayed in Collonge-La-Madeleine a pretty hamlet in the Morvan valley, with eleven German youths plus thirteen French youths making a total of thirty one young people with six leaders plus Marco the German coach driver.


They first day Sunday 24th theystayed within the hostel for the town presentation, then gathered outside in the ground to have a discussion about Europe. There was a short break before lunch and once again the table tennis table was put to good use. In the afternoon went by coach to Le Creusot to the Parc des Combes. They were all given a wrist band allowing us to have free use of all the rides Then returned to the hostel for another social evening. 


On Monday 25th  straight after breakfast we travelled in the German coach to Givry for the ‘Tree Adventure’. They were all equipped with safety harnesses and given a safety talk plus shown how to use the equipment before setting off on our own in the woodland. There was a range of over twenty different courses that were available ranging in four grades from easy (green) progressing through blue to red and finally black for those with the strength and nerve to attempt them.  Various obstacles were travelled over, under and through the trees, from swinging on ropes, cargo nets, suspension bridges and zip wires to name a few. Some found it easier than others, On returning to the hostel the youngsters enjoyed cooling off in the outdoor pool, I was told it was as cold as it looked.


Tuesday 26th was the day in which the Autun youth showed us their town. They started at the Leisure Park where there was a choice of cycling, canoeing or the more leisurely pursuit of Crazy Golf. After a packed lunch at the Park the youth split into teams for the annual treasure hunt. This took them around Autun to the various ‘sights’ where they had to answer questions written in all three languages ensuring that they worked together. They all met up in the bandstand for the results before moving onto the Town Hall. One of the highlights every year is the bowling event which always evolves into competitions with everyone enjoying the games. They then all enjoyed a dinner before the Karaoke session.


Our last full day was on Wednesday 27th and combined a trip to the town of Dijon followed by a game of Lasertag. After a very tiring day they returned to the hostel for the final farewell BBQ.


On Thursday 28th they returned to Stevenage after spending an enjoyable and interesting time with our hosts and friends in France.


Testimonial from one of our youths who took part:


 3 Towns 1 Vision was an excellent experience for someone such as myself who hasn't experienced many other cultures and ways of living in my lifetime. This program has given me many transferable skills that will come vital for my future such as communication by breaking down the language barrier between us. Not only that, but I've experienced teamwork in various activities with the young people from Autun and Ingelheim. The activities were really fun and enjoyable to take part in. My personal favourite was the tree climbing where we had to work together and on our own to complete physical obstacle courses in the trees. We also took part in other activities such as a treasure hunt around Autun where we were split into groups with a member of each town in every group with the objective of finding answers to the questions we were given about Autun by looking round the town to find them.  Many of the other activities included Laser tag, Mountain biking, Mini golf and Bowling.


This trip was also interesting from an educational view. On the second day we all sat down to discuss the European Union and opinions and feelings towards it; It was amazing hearing a different perspective towards the European Union.  Every town gave a presentation to the rest of us so we could learn as much as possible about our twin towns.  I found this to be beneficial to me as I learnt quite a lot about my own town whilst making the presentation.  They also took a trip to Dijon for the day, where we looked at all the historical sites and went shopping for souvenirs.


The accommodation in France was very nice as it was in a quiet little village outside of Autun. The accommodation provided us with many activities to do such as table tennis, badminton and swimming. The free time we had at the accommodation was nice as it allowed us to connect and make friends with the young people from France and Germany.  The food was interesting, but also at the same time nice to try cultural foods from France.


Overall I personally would say this visit was a success as we bonded with young people from our twin towns, was educated about our towns, and had fun, gained new skills and most importantly made memories.  I would recommend 3 Towns 1 Vision to every young person who wishes to take part from Stevenage.


                                                       3 towns – 1 vision 2015

Saturday 25th July, saw fifteen young people with two leaders from Stevenage travelling to Germany to take part in 3 towns – 1 vision 2015.  They stayed at a Youth Hostel in Bingen, with ten from Ingelheim, and nine from Autun, France and their four leaders.

The next day they all sailed down the Rhine by boat and went to Bacharach, a beautiful old town, where they took part in a multi-lingual treasure hunt and explored the town. 

Frankfurt Airport was the visit on Monday, for a tour of Air-side guided by one of the German leaders who works there.  They saw the new Dreamliner and watched, close up, planes taking off and landing.  Frankfurt town centre followed with time to explore and, of course, for some shopping.

In our twin town of Ingelheim they visited the city hall, as guests of the Oberburgermeister, for light refreshments, and a film about the town.  Then at the local bowling alley they enjoyed two hours of ten pin bowling.  After a buffet lunch, the Ingelheim museum told the city’s history which included a walk around the remains of the Kaiserplatz ruins of the ancient city and of the Palace of Charlemagne.

That evening a local MEP came to the youth hostel and told the groups about her work before answering many questions from the young people.

The last full day, Wednesday was a fun day.  The groups travelled to a nearby town where pedal powered “trolleys” ran on an old railway line.  With seven passengers each they pedalled through park land until it was time for a lunch stop.  The trolleys were lifted off the tracks allowing other trolleys to pass while lunch was eaten before they continued their trolley travels. 

At the Youth Hostel in the evening everyone enjoyed a barbeque and two young men came from Ingelheim to join us. They had been in Stevenage, eleven years ago, for the first 3 towns – 1 vision event.

An early start was needed on Thursday 30th July for the trip home to Stevenage by train, plane and coach.

It was a successful and enjoyable trip for all the young people, with some meeting up with friends from last year and, during spells of free time, many made new friends from the twin towns.  Already plans are being made to join next year’s trip to Autun .







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